The Lowdown

Firebrat is an itty bitty graphic design studio based in Glasgow, specialising in print and digital design for small businesses, the creative industries and other awesome people. Find out more below.

Why Choose Me?


Why Choose Us?

We've had many years' experience in the design industry working on large scale projects and wee tiny ones too. We're super efficient at both print and digital design and aim to always create beautiful, functional design that conveys its message effectively, regardless of project size or budget. Small budgets don't have to mean Comic Sans and dodgy Photoshop gradients.

What to Expect?


What to Expect?

Good graphic design is collaborative in nature. If you choose us for your project then expect to be involved at every stage of the process. We will ask you tons of questions in order to find out exactly what you need (even if you don't know yourself) and to find the best solution to your problem. It's fun, get involved!

And After?


And After?

We don't believe in goodbyes, We're in it for the long haul. Once your project is complete we will provide full training in how to manage your new website and be on hand for any updates or problems you may encounter. If you recommend us to your compadres we can also offer you a cheeky wee discount on future work. Spoilt rotten eh?!